Last Two Winners Announced!

Remember that garage cleaning (and no Jessa, not a euphemism but I can certainly see how finishing a book and doing massive physical work could relate) did on Saturday? Well, turns out my body wasn’t very appreciative of the strain I put on it and left me sore these last two days so I’ve been offline a bit. I apologize for the delay in announcing the last two winners. Here they are:


10 books from RCRW authors such as Jessa Slade, Delilah Marvelle, Kristina McMorris, Christine Rimmer, Melissa McClone and more. The winner is:  Vonnie Alto

Congrats Vonnie! We are chapter-mates so let me know if you want me to mail the books to you or bring to the next chapter meeting. Your call.


A pretty angel wings necklace, copy of Relic Defender: Key of Solomon and $10.00 gift certificate to Samhain Publishing. The winner is:  Terri Patrick

Congrats Terri!  If you already have Key, let me know and I can increase the gift certificate. If you don’t, please email me at rwakw@yahoo.com and let me know what format you’d like Key.

Thank you all again very much for being a part of my virtual book launch. Stay tuned – I do have some more questions to answer and want to talk to you about the fate of this blog.


3 Responses to “Last Two Winners Announced!”

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