Update – What Have I Been Doing?

I know, it’s been a week, I think, since I’ve posted. And it might be another simply because I’m getting a new site!

I’ve wanted a new site for a long time. The two I have are okay but they don’t really illustrate what I write.

For a while now, I’ve been on the waiting list for this amazing designed, Rachel, her handle is Parajunkee and you can find her here. Go check her out; her work is spectacular and by the fact I’ve waited many months for her, I’m not the only one who thinks so. And her prices are so reasonable for what she does.

Anyway, she emailed me last week and it’s my turn! I feel like it’s Christmas in March. Or at least, an early birthday gift to myself. So, that’s the first bit of news and why I’m not posting too much right now. I want to leap into my new site which will combine this site and my Cassiel Knight site. Yes, I’m getting exhausted trying to think about posting to three sites (this one, Cassiel Knight and See Jane Publish – this last one which I share with Nancy Brophy and Susan Lute. Haven’t seen it? Hmphf. Take a look. I’m far more prolific there. Besides Susan is inspirational and Nancy is just freaking funny.).

In other news, I just sold my fourth book, Blood on the Moon, a paranormal action romance that is Tomb Raider meets The Librarian, to Champagne Book Group. Even better, it comes out this October!

So, at the end of this year, I have two books coming out: The Death Skull, book 2 to Relic Defender series and Blood on the Moon, book 1 in the Children of Egypt series. All I can say is wow! Life is good, and I couldn’t be happier. And that is almost scary.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on right now. When my gorgeous new site is up, I’ll be back to posting.


The Heroes of the Relic Defender Series

Let’s talk about the heroes of my Relic Defender series.

Mikos – Key of Solomon, Book 1

I love Mikos. Actually, I love all my heroes and most of them really come out pretty well-formed. And I don’t mean just their bodies. 😀

Mikos was a bit different. He was always a fallen angel. Besides changing his name several times (Sigh. Nothing just seemed right), I struggled with his redemption. Oh, not the fact that he wanted it. That was the easy part. I struggled with getting him what he really needed and how to make that work with everything that was stacked against him. He’s not a whiny hero. He knows he made bad choices in the past and regrets the decisions that led him to Fall. He could have easily gone the route of blaming Lucifer, but he didn’t. He realized no one forced him to Fall; he did that himself because he thought he wanted something. Throughout the story, Mikos learns that sometimes what we want and what we need are two different things. One of my favorite movies is Legion and in it, the Archangel Michael (Paul Bettany–lovely man [pictured]) says to fellow Archangel Gabriel (Kevin Durand–yummy as Gabriel), “You gave him what he asked for..I gave him what he needed.” That’s exactly at the core of this story-giving Mikos what he needed.

I really enjoyed writing him and discovering what makes him tick. And with this being a series, despite each story having a new hero/heroine, I will get to revisit with Mikos again and again. I hope you enjoy his story, too.

Jackson McKay – The Death Skull, Book 2

In book 2, which comes out in August, I got to write about another delicious hero. He was introduced in Key of Solomon but gets his own happily ever after in this book. Irreverant and charming, Texan, Jackson McKay, started out as a mercenary but changed his ways in book 1. For Jackson, imagine a light-hearted, takes nothing serious playboy in a relationship with Marisol, a demon warrior angel. Sparks will fly and that’s not just the ones from her fingertips.

Jackson has been fun to write. Coming after the fairly serious, Mikos, Jackson’s lightheartedness was a change of pace. I’m not a humorous writer (maybe a little witty?), but I wanted to show Jackson with a light side in contrast not only to Mikos but also to Marisol. But, make no mistake, Jackson is one tough dude and more than capable of standing up for what he believes in and kicking ass right alongside Mari. Good thing because in book 2, there’s a lot of ass-kicking that needs to be done.

Asher Dakeni – Ring of Addu, Book 3

Ah,  Ash. He’s my favorite so I saved him for last. Ash is my dark, tortured hero, and I love to write tortured heroes. Ash Fell with Mikos and quickly became Lucifer’s right hand man, an assassin. Known as The Slayer, Ash is the one Lucifer sends to educate and discipline rebellious demons. That type of lifestyle is bound to do something to a guy, wouldn’t you say? But, being an assassin is not the worst of Ash’s failings. You see, he did something really bad to someone he loved. He killed her.

 Yes, that’s right. My hero killed his heroine. Oh, there’s a reason, and I’ll leave it to you all to decide if his reasoning was strong enough. Book 3 is his and Kat’s story. Will Ash find his redemption and get a second chance at love? Well, you’ll just have to wait and find out. I don’t have a release date for this one but am shooting for early 2013.

So, those are the heroes of the Relic Defender series. I hope you enjoyed reading about them. Next time, I’ll talk about the women that tame them.

What about you? Who are some of your favorite heroes and what makes them a favorite?


The Package that Rocked My World

For those of you who follow the blog I share with two dear friends, www.seejanepublish.wordpress.com, this will be familiar. Sorry about that but I felt that today, release day for my first paperback, deserves to have this post shared here as well.

I’m an epublished author, and I love being one. It’s important I start out like this because what follows may make you think otherwise. Let me tell you a quick story about Key of Solomon and my journey. I’ve already posted it so this is just a short reminder so you don’t have to go back and look for it.

You see, Key of Solomon was nearly the death of me as a writer. People talk about collecting rejection letters but most of them (not all) seem to collect them based on several books. Not me. I collected over 100 rejections on Key of Solomon alone. Yep, I think just about everyone, at that time, had seen my book. Some, several times. Agents, editors, didn’t matter. They’d all seen it. I didn’t throw it at any editor or agent that moved but I’d sent it to enough of them.

I had faith in Key of Solomon despite all that but toward the end, those rejections nearly broke me. I’d had enough and as I mentioned in my other column, I came close to quitting but in lieu of that, I placed Key aside. Long story short, it finally found a home with Samhain Publishing, it released in ebook last March, book 2 comes out in August and I couldn’t be happier.

At least, I thought I couldn’t. Until about two weeks ago.

I ran to the store that Saturday morning and when I got back, my husband pointed at a box on the counter and said, casually, that it was for me. I strolled over, perplexed about what I’d ordered since I didn’t remember anything and then I saw the return address. It said ‘Samhain Publishing’.

Of course, I immediately knew what it was. I think I squealed. Husband says I did. I’m sure his ears know better than me. I leaped for the kitchen scissors and tore into the box. I think I was saying OMG, OMG or something like that. After pushing aside the packaging, I got my first look at Key of Solomon in print.

Yes, it was my author copies of Key of Solomon.

I knew they were coming. After all, I’ve been waiting for almost a year. I re-edited the galley. It wasn’t a surprise. But, that didn’t stop the excitement. I picked up a book in all its printed, glossy glory and opened to peer inside. And that’s when, for me, it all came together. That everything I’d been through, every step on my journey had led to holding my first printed book in my hand. I knew I’d cry and I did.

Does this negate my epublished copy? Of course not. But I’d started my journey when the big thing was a New York publishing contract which equated to printed book. I’m happy to be epublished but that didn’t mean I didn’t want to hold MY book, with a gorgeous cover, printed with MY words, as a BOOK  in my hand.

And so, it happened. There are 10 beautiful copies of Key of Solomon sitting on my desk. And coming up in March at EPICon, I’ll get to sign my books. At a booksigning. Then I get to do the same in July at Nationals and October at Emerald City. Sigh. Even now, I look at the book and cannot believe it’s mine. That I have this physical representation of my decision to perservere.

For me, this part of my author journey ends here, and I feel like I’m now in a new phase. What that means, I don’t know. I just know I’m completely looking forward to this new journey. Even with all its ups and downs, and I know I’ll have more ups and downs, I’ve proven I can come through on the other side. I’m ready.

Was there a point when, for you, it all came together? Do you think it changed your path? Please share. I’d love to know.


Why mythology, archaeology and gangsters?

During my blog tour last October, I was asked Why mythology, archaeology and gangsters?.  Most of my stories tend to have mythology and archeology elements but the Relic Defender series adds a third element — the gangster.

So, here is some background as to the elements and why gangsters.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve devoured mythology. Before I knew better, I thought Greek and Roman mythology with some Viking thrown in was the only mythology that existed. As a teenager, I think I’ve read every story and knew all of the major Gods and Goddesses and a lot of the minor ones. So, when paranormal started to take wing, I knew I’d found a place I could indulge in my love of mythology.

When I first conceived the idea of this story, I knew I wanted to work in some kind of mythology with paranormal elements but I didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing (meaning no vampires or werewolves and demons/angels hadn’t taken off by then).

During my research into that elusive “something different”, I discovered the mythology surrounding King Solomon. I was raised on the Bible and knew all about Solomon. Or, I thought I did. I was so intrigued with the notion that he was supposed to be a magic user and had a ring given to him by God that allowed Solomon to control and compel demons. And his temple? The stories say it was built by these same demons. Key of Solomon just took off from there. And I loved writing the scene where he is compelling the demons into the bronze jar.

Archeology was easy as I think I was an archeologist or explorer in another life. I’d always loved history, much more than I love the present. It’s funny, because I like the future too. Or at least, envisioning what the future might look like. For the past, I’m fascinated by what our ancestors accomplished with what they had. The beautiful and magnificent structures. Sure, we build magnificent structures now but there are few I would call beautiful.

I think the past is much more appealing even with the lack of computers and assorted technologies. And since the assorted technologies have allowed me to armchair travel to the past, I get to indulge my love of history and archeology in my stories. In fact, the story I’m shopping now is fully immersed in archeology and Egyptian mythology with a tomb raiding heroine.

As for my shape-shifting wanna-be gangster demon? Well, I wanted a side-kick for one of my characters. This was one of the things I went with the current trend. Seemed like most urban fantasy were beginning to have some quirky character working with the heroine and/or hero. I felt Mikos could really use one to offset his soberness. Rocky came out of my mind and onto the page fully formed as a shape-shifting rock.

Until he spoke, I didn’t know he wanted to be a gangster. Talk about a surprise.  Really, it was Mikos’ fault. After all, he let Rocky watch The Godfather.


Re-Launch Blog and Giveaway!

I actually meant to come and post THIS post on this blog but looks like I accidentally signed in on my www.CassielKnight.com site. So, I apologize for the double posting; however, I wanted to run the contest here. If you posted on the other site, please be assured you are still entered to win.

As I said, I’ve been so, so bad at updating this blog but I’m really going to try to post at least two-three times a week. I’m nearly finished book 2 and it’s coming out in August so I want to get some of those excerpts posted and to keep you up-to-date about what’s going on. I’m loving book 2 and really looking forward to diving into Ash and Kat’s story.

To kick-off my re-launch of, shall I say, getting off my rear-end and being a much better blogger about what’s happening with me and my writing, I’m doing a giveaway for the following:

* Digital copy of Key of Solomon

* Printed copy of Key of Solomon (trade paperback, releases on February 7 but I happen to have a copy )

* Digital copy of my upcoming release from Lyrical Press, Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

What do you have to do to be entered for a chance to win? It’s easy. Simply leave a comment telling me what kinds of things you like to read on authors’ blogs and leave your email address. That’s it. Aw, come on, it’s easy. You don’t even have to subscribe (although, that would be lovely – and appreciated).

Questions? Leave them in the comments too.

Oh, and here is a blurb for Hit Me With Your Best Shot. I actually released this in 2007 with another publisher and it did okay; however, I have a wonderful new publisher at Lyrical Press and she helped me make it nice and shiny.

Sidra will do whatever it takes to find her target. Even if it means pairing up with an operative who has more secrets than she does.

Sidra is tough, street-smart and independent. And she’s living a double life. As an agent for Triad, she follows orders and gets the job done. But as Norah Rainwater’s surrogate daughter, she’ll do whatever it takes–even defy Triad–to find Norah’s missing daughter and save Norah’s life.

She plans for every eventuality…except Gideon, who lives a triple life beyond Sidra’s wildest suspicions. Sidra knows him as a charming playboy more intent on conquering women than saving the world. But he’s more than that. Under another identity, he fights to destroy the five men who lead the criminal organization called the Alliance–the same men who murdered his father for trying to leave the group.

With Norah near death, Sidra can’t let anything get in her way. Not even Gideon, who reminds her so much of Ranger, the only man she has ever loved. But Gideon can’t let Sidra reach her goal without crushing any chance he has of reaching his.


One More Day to Win!

I can’t believe that a month has passed since Key of Solomon (and me) went on tour. It’s been an exhausting month but also a month filled with excitement and the opportunity to not only get great reviews on Key of Solomon (some of which made me cry with happiness) but also to ‘meet’ some new people. I’ve enjoyed reading the comments and getting reader’s take on questions. I think I’ll have to do more tours just to meet new people.

I know that some of the ones who learned of me and Key through the tour have found their way here. Welcome! I’m so excited and thrilled to have you and I promise to do much better about blogging and doing fun things. Especially, I’d love to share with you the birth of The Death Skull, book 2 of the series which releases next August. It’s Mari and Jackson’s story and is already turning about to be a lot of fun to write. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that Key is non-stop. Well, hold on because The Death Skull promises to be even more action-packed but oh-la-la, the chemistry between Mari and Jackson. I’ll talk more about this later.

For the tour, tomorrow, October 28 is the last day to enter the $20.00 gift certificate to Samhain giveaway. I’ve been following my tour (obviously) and anyone who made a comment at any of the sites, gets entered. There has been one person who has followed and commented at every blog tour spot and I have a special gift for that person.  I’ll announce all that this weekend.

If you found me here and haven’t commented at the other sites, no fear. Please just post your name and email address below and you can enter too.

Thanks again for joining me here and good luck in the contest!


Key of Solomon is on Tour!

Key of Solomon is on a month-long blog tour with interviews, special articles, giveaways and more! If you haven’t gotten a copy of Key of Solomon, visit any of the blogs and enter to win. All you have to do is leave a comment. It’s that simple.

And each time you visit and comment on one of the tour sites below, you get entered for a chance to win a $20.00 gift certificate from my publisher, Samhain Publishing! Just think, $20.00 to spend on whatever books you want. Don’t have a reader? No problem, you can download a pdf.

And keep an eye out here.  I’ll do some special giveaways this entire month to celebrate the tour. And to whet your appetite for book 2 coming out next August, I’ll even post some snippets. But first, check out the revision to the Chapter One in the tabs above.

And no, the picture is not my hero. But isn’t he just delicious? I would imagine Mikos looked liked this in full battle gear. 🙂

Here is the schedule:

Relic Defender: Key of Solomon, Book 1 by Cassiel Knight – NURTURE Book Tour Schedule:

Key of Solomon

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